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How do relationships dissolve over time? I have a personal example for this question.
I have a friend named Alex and we met back in 2013. When we first met our interests aligned and we were a lot alike. We’d spend every day talking to each other and we can have conversations that would last hours and hours. We shared the same hobbies and spent a lot of time together, there were times where I was down and he would help me out and other times where I would do the same for him.
As we grew up tho our friendship started to diminish year after year, and finally this year I feel like I can’t be left alone with him without it being awkward because I have nothing to talk to him about. We’ve never fought or got into an argument or anything crazy happened between us. We’ve just been growing up and our paths led to different directions and now we don’t spend as much time together anymore.. Our relationship dissolved over time because as we grew up we became different people, I grew up to be more interested in fitness and working for a better future while he grew up and his interests were to have fun and enjoy his time while he’s still young. And that’s one example of how relationships dissolve over time.
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