1. The Restaurant Tour and Interview paper is being assigned to help you formulate a personal and professional
outlook that will serve as a guide for you to better understand the food and beverage sector of the hospitality and
tourism industry.
2. The student (individually this is not a group project) needs to formulate a total of 15 professional questions
focusing on ONE of the following concepts discussed in the course (e.g. Concept, Location, and Design; The
Menu; Planning and Equipping the Kitchen; Food Purchasing; Bar and Beverages; Operations, Budgeting, and
Control, etc.) and schedule an interview with a restaurant official(s).
3. Your Introduction, questions and discussions need to be based on a strong foundation of academic references
that are specific to the food and beverage field and to the specific topic(s) you selected from the list (one of the
above listed concepts).
4. You need to base your questions and discussions on academic references (peer reviewed journals or books
other than the course textbook), which were published in the past 5 years. Please Do NOT use sources from the
following: internet, magazines, newspapers, abstracts, television shows, videos, dictionaries, encyclopedias,
Wikipedia or book reviews as references for this assignment. Please do not use the textbook as a reference.
5. The student is expected to tour the facility where the professional will be interviewed. The student is expected
to research the restaurant and its characteristics before formulating his or her questions. The Student is expected
to provide the name and address of the restaurant visited, the date of the visit, and the complete contact
information of the individual(s) interviewed. Please make sure to schedule a meeting with the professional in
advance. In addition, you are expected to make it clear to the professional that you are a HRT student in CSU
East Bay and you are working on an assignment that requires from you to interview a professional in the food
and beverage sector.
6. Your paper needs to consist of at least 5 double spaced pages (not including Front Page, Table of Contents and
References pages) and in 12 pt. Times New Roman. The paper needs to follow APA style.
7. Your paper needs to have proper spelling/grammar and sentence structure. Please make sure to use your own
words (based on the references) and your knowledge. Do not use direct quotes.
8. Points for the paper will be based on critical thinking, content, format, references and citations. You need to
follow carefully the guidelines. Please make sure to look at the scoring rubric for better understanding and
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The paper needs to consist of the following sections:
1. Front Page (the front page needs to have the following: Your name, professor s name, course title, course
number, the name of the restaurant, and the date).
2. Table of Contents.
3. Introduction (a. the topic you selected, b. the importance of the topic in the food and beverage sector
(incorporate your references but use your own words), c. what you know about the topic, and d. what you hope
the information from the interview to give you).
4. Questions and Answers (each question should be typed followed by the answer).
5. Reflections (what you learned from the interview and how the information support or contradict what you
knew and researched about the topic. Do you agree with what you were told during the interview Yes or No
and Why What do you recommend ).
6. Conclusion and
7. References (The sources used to formulate the questions; the name, position title, company, and complete
contact information of the professional(s) you interviewed).
NOTE: Please avoid questions that are personal (e.g. How do you get along with others in the organization
How do you like your job ). In addition, avoid questions that may be answered by yes or no (e.g. do you like
your job Do you have promotional activities ). Your questions need to show knowledge and competence. They
need to show you are a student who is enrolled in a food and beverage course. Your questions need to have
depth and show a decent level of knowledge.