review article of quot improving student s learning with effective learning techniques promising directions from cognit quot

How We Learn
Your third paper assignment is to examine the research evidence about how we learn. In addition to being an interesting topic of investigation, these insights will help you become more effective in your won study practices.
1. Preparing for the Paper
As preparation for your assignment, please read the article that was uploaded below.
This is an example of a so-called “review article.” In this type of article, experts summarize and evaluate a body of research on a particular topic. In this case, the authors are reviewing various study techniques and evaluating which methods result in the most effective and efficient learning.
This is a long article!
2. Content of the Paper
After you have read the review article, you will discover that the authors divide the study methods into three categories:
High utility
Moderate utility
Low utility
It is useful to read about ALL the study methods so you can learn which techniques are effective and which are not.
Please select TWO of the FIVE study methods that are classified as HIGH UTILITY or MODERATE UTILITY. For the two methods that you select, provide the following information:
•A description of the study method.
• A summary of the evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness.
• An explanation of how you can use this study method for your own courses.
2. Paper Format
• Include your name and the seminar title at the top of the first page
• 4 – 5 pages in length
• Double-spaced type
• 1-inch margins
• 12-point Times New Roman font
• Include page numbers
Because you are discussing TWO study methods in your course, a good rule of thumb is to spend two full pages on each method. If you include graphs, you should expect your paper to be a little longer.
4. Citation Style
If you wish you include quotes or a paraphrase from the research paper, please use citations with APA style (American Psychological Association).
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