Rock-Paper-Scissors: Choices!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here in Walla Walla almost two months now, with still so much time purposely spent on getting acquainted with our new community, especially while the weather allows us to get out and about so easily. Thus, my desk and the paperwork on it is a bit… ugly!

I’m choosing, however, to look upon this not as procrastination, but just making appropriate choices based on time, needs, desires and all the ‘shoulds’ that Life pops upon us. So, it’s sort of like the old game to decide who goes first or goes to what team or what-have-you: Rock –   Paper  – Scissors. Rock smashes Scissors; Scissors cut  Paper ;  Paper  covers Rock – remember?

What I really want you to think about is not ‘who wins,’ but the consequences of what you may/may not have chosen. After all, ‘being organized’ is getting done what you’re supposed to have done when it’s supposed to be done. Yep – 24 hours in the day: that’s what we all have, no more, no less. It’s what we choose to do with that time frame that constitutes our many successes; too much time wasted and gone forever; or just the absolute enjoyment of a day gone by. It’s this last category that I’ve been spending (too much) time in lately, but… without guilt! Maybe I’m finally learning the lesson of Time Management: there’s no such thing – only Self Management, folks!

Of course, things can get a bit crazed when you put off too much for too long, but I am making progress on redefining my market base, reworking my website, designing new business cards – all those things that need to be done, but aren’t necessarily too much fun. So, interspersed among the fun stuff, I’m allowing myself to stroll into accomplishment, rather than my usual break-neck speed. And, guess what? It’s all coming together, slowly, but that’s OK.

For example, I may want to just take a walk (Scissors), but the bills (Rock) need to be paid now, so I’ll just do that, then we can get outside for a bit. Then, along comes a call to have dinner with friends ( Paper ) and enough of the bills (Rock) have been done I feel justified in letting the remainder sit until we return later in the evening. Win/win for all, don’t you think?

Is it Age and Maturity starting to win out in my Type A personality? Maybe, but it might also be due to living where the speed of Life is just enough slower than in Western Washington, where this slowing just fits here, very comfortably with the To-Do List not allowed to have more than several things a day on it.

So, find your own speed of Life, play Rock-Scissors-Paper more often with your many choices and you’ll find you still get done what you need to get done, but with less guilt, less angst and a whole lot more fun! Here’s to your Productivity through Clarity and Focus!