sales career exploration part 2

From Part 1, you will select the two (2) companies that you would be most interested in working for. The purpose of Part 2 is to connect personally with an individual from each company and have an informational interview with each person for additional insights into a sales career at the company. You have many opportunities to meet people from these companies through:

Class guest visitors – ask insightful and meaningful questions to our guests!
Sales Program and Sales Society Open House on Thursday, September 6th
Industry Nights, workshops and panel discussions at the Sales Society
LinkedIn, professor, and sales alumni connections
Career fairs
Company open houses, roundtables, coffee and information sessions – onsite and offsite
Panther Sales Tournament activities

You will use the Microsoft Word Part 2 Template to guide you in formulating your submission. Approaching someone requires preparation and a strategy. We will discuss best practice techniques for connecting with professionals and gaining agreement to meet them and learn more.
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