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• Even if you plan to keep your business small, imagine what you would need to do if you wanted to grow. This exercise requires you to use your imagination. The only wrong answer for these discussion purposes will be if you state you do not need money now and never will. Even if that is true, imagine what you would do if you needed it. In this week and next, you will be learning about human resources issues concerning the employment process. This week you read about the employment process in your chapter reading and practiced with recruiting, screening, and hiring concepts in the Learning Activity. Now you will be writing about how you plan to find your employees for your real or imagined business. View the rubric below for full Assignment details and grading rubric. Submit your responses to the Unit 2: Assignment Dropbox. In this Assignment you will be asked to use your imagination.

Either invent a business or use your currently owned business. You may notuse an existing company from the Internet. Every week, you will discuss different aspects of that business. Think of a business that you might like to own. This does not need to be anything you will actually start, so it can be just a dream. It can also be something you think you would like to do sometime in the future. This can be a retail or service business, independently owned or corporate. You will use this imagined or real business throughout this course, so choose wisely as you will be required to use it for ten weeks. In week two, you figured out what positions needed filling and the job descriptions for each, and how much to pay. You have received 10 applicants for each of the three jobs that need to be filled. Now you need to determine your interview and hiring process.

Make sure that you have completed the Learning Activity before starting your Assignment to enable you to be more successful in this Assignment. Make sure you have completed the Learning Activity in this unit before you start this Assignment. Using the graphic below, please discuss the inputs, processes, and outputs that pertain to your operations of the business you chose, whether it is a service or a product oriented business. Using these three steps as a reference, how will you satisfy your customers? What core competencies will you have that will set you apart from your competitors? Pick at least two real competitors, and compare your offerings; highlighting how you will differentiate yourself from them. In this Assignment you will practice with applying some of the concepts you examined regarding supply chains in your Learning Activity in this unit. Imagine that your new business is product oriented; either manufacturing or retail/wholesale.

Describe the supply chain that leads to your end product, and what sort of inventory control process you think would be best for your company and why. Checklist:You will create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 8 slides which should include an introduction slide and a references slide. This week, you will describe the target market and the “Place” or distribution- the third “P” of the four “Ps” that address the target market in your marketing plan. Describe your target market. For example if you are going to have a restaurant, are your customers local? Is there a certain income bracket of customer in your target market? Is it mainly a business crowd for lunch or a college crowd for evening pub-type offerings? Is your market mainly males or females? Is there a certain age? Go to the international database on the left hand navigation and then populate the kind of report you want, for what years, and select your countries. Describe where your business will be located. For example, will it be in the vicinity of 4th and Central in New Brunswick.