Scarcity Solutions

Topic: Scarcity Solutions
Do some research on the country of Ethiopia and discuss:

a. Who in the Ethiopian society has the most difficult time dealing with scarcity?
b. What do they need most?
c. How can their society provide for their wants and needs?
d. Why are they so impoverished?
e. What can their governments do to help, or hinder their country’s development?
f. Could Ethiopia become a world-class producer and exporter of goods? How would Ethiopia compare with Japan? Japan is a country relatively POOR in natural resources, yet it is an economic world powerhouse. What are the differences between the two countries?
Quality (40%) of your post will be measured on the following criteria:
? All assigned Discussion topics were answered completely
? Posts were on topic and unique in content
? All posts demonstrated knowledge of the topic with adequate rationale and support provided Score
No quality criteria were met.

(0 points) One criterion was met.

(8 points) Two criteria were met.

(24 points) Criteria were fully met.

(40 points)
Clarity and Organization of Writing (20%) of your post will be measured on the following criteria:
? Posts were presented in an organized and logical argument composed of a minimum of two complete paragraphs
? No spelling or grammatical errors
? References were used and cited proper