see the movie then answer the questions

see the movie then answer the questions

  1.  Culture

How did the culture and expectations of Hickory High School and the town impact Coach Dale?  The team?

Is culture something that all managers need to consider?  Why or why not?

  1. Managing Expectations

What actions did Coach Dale take to manage (or change) expectations of the stakeholders? Identify 2 or 3 examples.

What worked and what did not? Why?

How do employee expectations fit into what a manager must accomplish?

  1. Leadership Styles

It is often believed that we are all the product of our past experiences. That both good and bad experiences shape how we manage others.


If that is true, our experiences can help us become good managers —-or sometimes hold us back. How might Coach Dale’s past experiences influence his management / leadership style?


  1. Lessons Learned

From viewing this video, with the lens of learning more about management / leadership skills, what lessons are important here?

What did you learn?

What do you feel is important for managers to consider about culture and / or expectations? (Please remember– Baldwin may be a good resource!!!!)


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