Sentence-Phrase-Word (SPW) Reflection Paper

“Colonists have found profits and permanence in their New World, but at what cost?” (Africans in America Part I: The Terrible Transformation, Location 1450-1750)

I was intrigued by this sentence since it looks at both sides of the coin regarding the matter at hand of slavery of Africans in America. Even though the prices of African slaves varied with demand and supply, slavery was still very profitable to the colonists. However, this came at a great cost since the colonists would expose the African slaves to horrible conditions such as working from dawn till dusk with minimal shelter and food. The living conditions were so inhumane that the death rates were so high the slave population could not sustain itself without replenishment from Africa. Infants were fed foods that lacked the necessary nutrients fr growth leading to extremely high infant mortality yet the colonists were only focused on the profits generated.


“The spirit of liberty and the disruptions of the Revolutionary era encouraged African American men and women to choose sides…” (Africans in America Part II: Revolution, Location 1750 – 1805)

Even though Africans in American discretion to choose sides for the revolution was seen as a bid to decide the fate of the nation, most slaves participated for personal reasons. During the American Revolution, the primary motivation was getting freedom from the slaveholders with enlistment rates for black slaves being even higher the whites. Some were indeed motivated by bounty hunting and the desire of adventure. Majority of the African slaves fought in the Patriot side hoping they would gain freedom after the war. To their disgust, the promise of freedom did not see the light of the day. Those who had served in the war found out that they had been duped and they were soon banned form the military service without regard to whether they were free or enslaved.


Liberty (Africans in America Part I: The Terrible Transformation, Location 1450-1750)

I was interested in reading this section containing the word since there was massive violation of liberties to African slaves in America. First, the mere transportation of slaves had no regard to human life since about a quarter would perish in the journey. The slaves’ liberties of equal protection and freedom of speech were highly violated since they would not be allowed to air their grievances. The African slaves were segregated and were not allowed to interact with whites mainly intended to discourage inter-marriages which was a serious violation of the liberty of association.