Should You Become A Web Developer?

Since the commercialisation of the internet, web developers and designers have become highly sought-after, but what exactly does this job entail? Businesses of all sizes and sectors rely on these professionals to help build their website and after increase their brand’s visibility.

In a nation where unemployment rates on the rise, it’s promising to know that there are certain sectors that are prospering. With the growth of e-commerce and online advertising, employment for web developers is estimated to increase by 27% between now and 2024, so it is a promising career to embark upon!

If you’re unsure what web development actually is, the term is given to the work involved in creating a website from scratch. It usually denotes the non-design aspects of website development – something that is later taken care of by a designer, which is usually (but not always) a separate role altogether.

Many people believe that website development and design are the same, but there are crucial differences between the two. Designers use their creative vision to work on the look and feel of a website, while developers focus more on the analytics and general performance aspects of the site. Some professionals have both skills, however.

Either way, entering this field could be the start of a prosperous and lucrative career if you have the skills or are prepared to learn. If you don’t already have the desired qualification in technology, you will need to probably need to undertake a relevant degree or similar award to get a job in this sector.

However, there is more to this job than just building websites for a living. If you choose to follow this career path, you will also need to understand complex web analytics and consumer information. As a developer, you will need to analyse user needs to make sure proper content, graphics and a sound underlying structure to meet the goals of your client.

You will also need to use authoring or scripting language to build websites, so you will need to gain a qualification that enables you to do this. Your other daily responsibilities are likely to include writing, designing and editing page content or directing other content producers in the right direction.

You will also need to correctly identify and correct problems that are uncovered by testing or user feedback – development is usually an ongoing process, and not just the first creation of a website. You may need to offer support to the website user to help them overcome issues or rectify problems with the coding.

As a web developer,   you  will also need to convert  written , graphic, audio and video elements of the site into compatible formats. But  you  won’t spend all day in front of a computer  writing  code –  you  will also spend a lot of time meeting with designers, illustrators, copywriters and other professionals to create the finished product.

To become a web developer, you will need to have good communication skills and be keen to learn. You will also need to be patient when it comes to explaining your processes to others who may not have your technical understanding, as this will make up a large part of the job.

You may need a degree in website programming to start getting paid work. This course will teach you valuable skills such as how to use JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and PHP. It is certainly worth investing time and money into an education in this sector, but only if you were sure it is something you’d like to do as a career.