Read the article ??I?m a Loser, I?m not Married, Let?s Just All Look at Me?: Ever-Single Women?s Perceptions of Their Social Environment? and watch the movie Bridget Jones?s Diary. Analyze the film based on the findings from the research article. Sharp and Ganong had three main groups of findings in their research on 10 middle-class, ever-single women:
? Time is ticking: Being acutely aware of the changing reality at their age (pgs. 965-966)
? Being reminded that they are on a different (deviant) life path (pgs. 966-971)
? Feeling displaced in their families of origin (pgs. 971-973)
Explain each of the above findings in detail and use examples from the film (and possibly, personal experience) for each to highlight the research findings. You may include your thoughts on the research.
This should be a well-written essay!

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