Paper title: Social Networks and Project Management

Academic level: University

Pages: 1

Source amount:  4

Subject: Management

Formatting style: Harvard

Type:  Coursework

Details: Please Choose the paper and do the critical review based on the brief details given below: Please I need a copy of the paper you chose so I will submit it together with the review Please follow the instructions given below: Your critical review must be related to the above theme, i.e. “Social Networks and Project Management”. You must select a peer-reviewed journal paper that focuses on a particular aspect of social networks, and relate this to the field of project management. Typically, when writing a critical review of this nature, you are advised to consider the following questions (not exhaustively): • What is the chosen peer-reviewed academic journal article about? What is/are the central argument(s)? What conclusion(s) are the author(s) making? • How have the author(s) derived their arguments? What methods were used, and how have the methods influenced the strength of the argument(s)? To what extent do the methods used convince you of the argument(s) they make? • How does the chosen article contribute to our collective understanding of the coursework theme? What are the implications of the argument(s) found in the chosen article, especially for the theory and practice of project management? • What are the limitations of the chosen article? Where are the weak points? What are the implications of these? Care should be taken when searching the literature and selecting peer-reviewed journal articles, in that the articles you read must be of sufficient substance. A common flaw is that students select journalistic pieces. Journalistic pieces or “light weight” unreferenced material will not be accepted. It must be reiterated that students will need to undertake significant library work in order to select suitable material. Pleas NOTE that I am not a native speaker so take this into consideration while writing. References must be in separate page. If you need further details please tell me and I will provide you with all required details ASAP.

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