Socio Technical Impact Analysis

Writing up a Socio Technical Impact Analysis Report on a Case of Your Choice. Here are the steps to follow.
Review the earlier class sessions on Socio Technical Impact Analysis.
Select a System, Innovation or Case of Interest.
Collect information about that System, Innovation or Case of Interest.
Common Mistakes to Avoid when Analyzing Cases
Examples of Social Impact Analysis
Write an SIA Report (20 points)
Description of the System summarizing the physical, logical, procedural, and social components. (6 points)
Analysis of the Ethical Issues. Look at the various stakeholder perspectives (individual, group, national, global) versus the various ethical issues (quality of life, use of power, safety, property rights, privacy, equity of access, honesty and deception, sustainability). (8 points)
Recommendations for actions. What should be changed about the various components of the system to address the issues that you have identified. (6 points)
Submit your report for evaluation and credit.
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