Sociology inclass9

Using the criteria listed in the slides about what itmeans to be religious, your job is to provide specificexamples that prove that the belief in UFOs qualifies asa religion. Use the Internet to provide evidence for eachqualifier. Do believers in UFOs believe in some sort ofSupreme Being? Give me a specific, concrete example.Does their belief determine behavior? Give me a specific,concrete example. Keep going through all of them.Remember, you are to prove that belief in UFOs is areligion. Have fun! This assignment is due in thedesignated drop box by 11:00PM on 5/6.
A word of advice on this assignment. Scientology is avery controversial belief system that may or may nothave alien components. There is a lot of speculationregarding just how the Scientology system works. Stayaway from it. This assignment is about the belief in aliensin a general way, do not over-focus on one group.

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