Sociology Essay

1. Select a social topic that you would like to explore.
a. Examples of topics poverty, discrimination, sex and gender, inequality, politics, economics, education, family.
2. Select a theoretical perspective through which to analyze your topic
a. Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionism, Feminism
paper should include:
a. Cover Page
b. An introduction paragraph with a strong thesis statement. This paragraph/section will explain what your topic is, why you picked it, some facts about this social problem.
c. Paragraph 2 and 3 should include historical context on your chosen topic, this information will come from the research you conducted in the library. In addition to the historical context, you will include information how your topic has changed over time and any social consequences.
d. Paragraph 4 and 5 will include the theoretical framework you selected; you will explain your theory and why you picked it. You will then analyze your problem through that theoretical perspective (what would a _______ say about the topic).
e. Paragraph 6 and 7 you will discuss your findings from your research (what you learned), you will also discuss why we should keep trying to study this topic (areas of future research).
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