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Interdisciplinary Studies
Extra instructions: The three areas of study are Sociology, history, political science. Use race as the connecting theme.Touch on how race is used for political reasons.
AREAS OF STUDY PAPERIDS 1: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. due DATE: Sunday, 1/6/18by am. Before you can begin doing interdisciplinary work, you first need to demonstrate a basic understanding of your chosen disciplines (also known as areas of study). The Areas of Study Paper gives you the opportunity to do just that. This assignment is designed for you to gain a more comprehensive and foundational understanding of your disciplines and to get a sense of how experts in these disciplines think. Specifically, you will conduct some basic research on the two (or three) disciplines you have chosen to structure your degree program. FORMATThepaper must be approximately 5 pages double-spaced, or approximately 1 words (1 pt Times New Roman font, 1″ margins all around)plus a works cited page. The paper should address the following questions for each discipline:1. What is the “official” name of the discipline? How do professionals in your chosen disciplines define their discipline? . What is the histories of this discipline? How did the discipline come into being? i.e. did the disciplines break away from pre-existing older disciplines? If so, what were they? And when did it happen?3. Are there sub-fields within the discipline? If so, identify them and explain which sub-field you find to be the most interesting. . Do the disciplines have “founders” who are generally accepted as the people who began the discipline?5. What problems/issues do scholars in the discipline typically investigate? What are currently “hot” issues or topics (phenomena) in the discipline?6. List and describe three current top “thinkers” or leading experts in the discipline. 7. What kinds of research methods and modes of investigation do scholars in the disciplinetypically use? To address this component of the assignment, identify at least one major research method commonly used to do academic research in each discipline you are writing about.8. What is the name of anacademic journal in the disciplineand briefly describe the nature of the journal.. What is the name of at leastone professional/academic association pertaining to this discipline? Briefly describe the association’s goals.In the conclusion, you mustexplain and describe how it is that you have chosen these two disciplines for your areas of concentration in your pursuit of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree. You are the link between these disciplines. What is it in youthat brought them together? How does your interests, abilities, and professional or career goals fit into these disciplines?TIPS1. Keep in mind that this is a research paper, not an opinion paper —which means your arguments and claims must be supported by appropriate references and sources. Be sure to cite your sources properly with one of the following citation styles: MLA,. If you are unsure which style to use, check the works-cited page or footnotes of any article or book in your areas of study to see what format they typically use, and then simply follow the way they’ve cited their sources. If they differ, pick one and stick with it (i.e. be consistent)! In addition, Kate Wintrol, the IDS Subject Librarian, has created a research guide with information about how to cite sources, so take a look: reiterate, make sure to cite any sources of other people ideas you reference in your paper, even when you are not using direct quotes. Failure to cite sources properly (even unintentionally!) constitutes plagiarism, which will result in points for theassignment. . Use quotes sparingly and do not include quotes that are longer than three lines; it is much better to paraphrase others’ ideas in your own words and use appropriate citations.3. Take time to find the best possible sources of information and choose your sources carefully. In other words, do not rely on either dictionaries or Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers. Instead, consult thecourse content, assigned readings, introductory course textbooks, professors, departmental websites at UNLV and other well-known universities, leading academic journals (accessible through the UNLV Library Database), and websites of professional academic associations. Kate Wintrol has also created a research guide to help you find credible sources for this assignment, so take a look: CRITERIADescription and History of Areas of StudySuccessfully describes academic areas of study, the “official” names of the disciplines, and explains how professions in chosen disciplines define their discipline. Explainsthe histories of their disciplines and how they came into being, interesting sub-fields, and the “founders” who are generally accepted as people who began the disciplines.Elements of DisciplinesDiscusses the problems/issues scholars in the disciplines typically investigate, some of the “hot” issues and topics in the field today, and profilesthree current top “thinkers” or leading experts in thediscipline. Explains the methods researchers in their disciplines use to answer their research questions (including one major research method most commonly used)Professional Associations and JournalsIdentifies and describes one academic journal in each area of study as well as one professional/academic association and its goals.Drawing Connections Between Areas of Study Draws a clear connection between the areas of study, explaining what they have in common and how they differ from each other and what it is about your interests and goals that brings them together. Credible Sources uses and properly cites credible sources of information Organization and Clarity Writing is clear and adopts a scholarly (as opposed to a conversational) tone, using correct grammar, spelling, and formatting(e.g. spacing, font, etc.). Paragraphs are well-developed, sentences well-structured, and transitions clear.
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