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I’ve spent some nights up till 4 AM with a really good game! I end up tired the rest of the week but some games are really addictive! Listening to loud music while asleep must somehow affect the way you rest so, not good either. I’m guilty of the laptop in bed. Only because it is so easy to do. But I’m finding that I just can’t sleep. I’ve removed the TV from the bedroom. I’m going to have to take out the laptop, too. Have you tried those alarm clocks that use light and sound to both help you to sleep and ease your waking? I have one, it’s pretty nifty. What I find, though, is that daylight savings messes me up more than anything. Last week when I got up it was light outside so it was easier to get up – now it’s dark – Ack. Another important thing I would like to add is that we have drastically reduced our exposure to natural light. Not all lights are same.

Exposing ourselves to natural light brings about a lot of chemical changes in our system which is essential for optimum functioning of our body and mind. And not to mention the electro magnetic radiations being exposed through televisions, computers and various gadgets. LOL my dog sleeps later than I do so I don’t have a problem with him waking me up! He seems to get p.o’ed when I get up! This dollhouse was my first attemp and I was so TOTALLY unprepared for the task ahead of me LOL. But when I look back now, I have no regrets and she still raves about it every time we talk! Hope you enjoy the hub! Bonnie – my living alarm clock consists of two hungry cats! I can’t wait to read your hub about dollhouses. I had one as a child that my grandparents made for me, and I loved it.

I certainly agree with all this. That’s why I don’t allow t.v. Due to family illness and the nature of hubby’s job, I do allow the cells. But they rarely ring unless he is called in or there is a family emergency. I also need to add another technology to this list of sleep hinders. Uhhuh, I said it! Last night I could not get to sleep because the minute I laid my head on the pillow, I started thinking of a hub! LOL. I finally gave up at 2:30 a.m. At 3:30, I tried again and after about an hour of trying to block my mind from thinking of a new hub, I drifted off. Around 7 a.m. my “living” alarm clock in my office began to screech. This would be my cockatiel, who gets very angry if I am not in here by daylight LOL. So, here I am again in HP just reading and typing away! You gotta love ’em!