spanish 201 fill in the blanks 1

Spanish 201 fill in the blanks. Below are the word choices for the ones that require it:
#2 Elegir
1. agente de aduanas, aventurero, turista
2. aviso, buceo, cinturón de seguridad
3. alojarme, hacer transbordo, irme de vacaciones
4. excursion, despedida, selva
5. incluido, vencido, vigente
#4 Logico o ilogico
Lógico or ilógico is the answer choice for all questions
#8 Expresiones negativas
These are the answer choice for all questions:
nada, nadie, ni siquiera, ningún, ninguna
#10 consejo
These are the answer choice for all questions:
esta, este, sea, va, vaya
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