Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire

The following are some feedback from my teacher on the paper you have wrote. So please follow her advice on how to improve the paper.
“Attached is you paper with my comments. I made comments and changes using Microsoft Word’s review function. To accept/reject changes and delete comments go to the “Review” tab on word and turn off track changes. You can either accept or reject my changes with the buttons that say “accept change” or “reject change.” Let me know if you have any trouble figuring that out. The main issue with your paper is that you need to include suggestions for fixing the problems that you found. After you discuss the problem, make sure you explain why it is a problem and how you think Wikipedia could fix it. Each problem paragraph should answer these questions:1. What is the problem?
2. Why is that a problem?
3. How can Wikipedia fix the problem?
4. Why does it matter that the problem is fixed? (how does this change the story/argument of Wikipedia article)Also, you need to change your footer citations to footnote citations (in word go to insert –> footnote) include a footnote every time you use a source’s argument, or quotation, or information that is not common knowledge. For this assignment, you need at least two primary sources. You already talk about a couple (Hernan Cortes’ letters, Del Castillo’s letters, and archaeological dig sites) so find the original primary sources, cite, and use those primary sources in your paper.