Statistics Research Project MAT 150 Prof. Miller

Statistics Research Project MAT 150 Prof. Miller

Statistics Research Project MAT 150 Prof. Miller
During this semester, you will design and carry out your own experiment using the statistical techniques we will discuss in this class. Each student will create a thread on the Discussion Board of BlackBoard and periodically submit drafts of this report as it progresses. This project will be carried out in three stages and will count as 20% of your final grade:

I. The initial concept. Please post your topic as I instruct on the Discussion board on or before February 17th and before you begin collecting data. I will assist in the formulation of the project once you have, at the very least, identified an area of interest. Choose a project that interests you. The project is a study that requires you to gather data from a sample on any quantitative variable that you choose. Preferably, the study would also involve segregating the data by some categorical variable. You will gather two samples of quantitative data with at least 30 observations in each data set (ideally. . .) The project can be of one of two types:

a. Using existing data. Test to see if the value of a statistic for one portion of a
population is different from the population as a whole. For example, one could test whether house prices in
one NY county are significantly higher than those in another based on a sample of recent sales. (Please don’t
use this topic)

b. Using your own data. Design a survey to measure a random variable which you
define. For example, you could test the claim that women spend more time per week on Instagram than men
do. (Don’t use this topic either)Use the results of the survey to determine if there is a significant difference
between the populations of men and women.
II. Gathering the data. First, try the library or Internet, then ask me for guidance. If you do a survey, I must see the question(s) you will ask before you begin the survey.
III. Writing the report. Here is a description of the components necessary for this five to eight page report:

1. Introduction. What is the question you set out to answer? Describe the population, the
parameter, the statistic, and the sample. Discuss the techniques of statistics that you
will use in analyzing the data.

2. Presentation of the data. List the data that you found. This must be well organized and appropriate for the
type of data you are presenting. Graph the data (histogram?). Describe how you obtained your data.
This section is due on April 4th .

3. Analysis. This must include a hypothesis test or a confidence interval or both. Use the
class notes, the textbook, and your instructor as your primary resources for this
section. Show me all of the work that you do and explain each step that you take as
you go along.

4. Conclusion. What is the answer to the question asked in part 1? How sure are you that
this answer is correct? What are the limitations of the research you conducted? Did your study confirm
the idea that led you to undertake this study or were you surprised? Are there any aspects of the data that
were unusual or surprising?
Although this is a mathematics class, I also expect you to write complete, concise sentences. All papers will be graded using a rubric that includes professional presentation as well as meeting all specifications and deadlines. The report is due May 17that 9 pm. I assume that all of you are aware of policies regarding plagiarism and expect and require that you cite the ideas and work of others appropriately. I hope that you will use this opportunity to investigate something which interests you, and appreciate the power of statistics to provide support for your opinion on a particular topic of interest.