Steel Industry-Marketing Topic

In this dissertation, a sectoral review of the steel industry in India was taken into consideration. The emphasis was laid down in finding out to know the competitive advantages, which the large Indian Steel Companies have created overtime and their adaptation to the changing environment. I also analyzed the marketing potential and prospects of the steel industry in India. India, namely Steel authority of India ltd (SAIL) and TATA Steel. For the purpose of investigation, both primary as well as secondary source of information was collected to get the results. Many books on the related topic like books on steel marketing, competitive advantage, business research methods etc. were also consulted along with a number of visits to the libraries for research purpose. Related quotes and texts have been mentioned in the literature review section of the report. Successful questionnaires and interview surveys were conducted among the officials of Steel authority of India ltd (SAIL) and TATA Steel in New Delhi in order to know their responses towards the research questions. After all the research work and collection of questionnaires and surveys, I have come to know the various marketing aspects of steel sector in India.

This also helped me to know about the various strategies that the companies have adopted to gain competitive advantage. Mehta states in Business World (2007) that steel is a highly capital intensive industry and cyclical in nature. Its growth is intertwined with the growth of the economy at large, and in particular the steel consuming industries such as manufacturing, housing and infrastructure. Steel, given its backward and forward linkages, has a large multiplier effect. Mehta (2007) also opine that with capital investments of over Rs 100, 000 crores, the Indian steel industry currently provides direct/indirect employment to over 2 million people. As India moves ahead in the new millennium, the steel industry will play a critical role in transforming India into an economic superpower. According to Mehta (2007) in recent times, the Indian steel industry has been in the limelight. This sudden catapult of interest is due mainly to the few large merger and acquisition deals. They involved big name players such as the takeover of Arcelor by LN Mittal and the recent TATA acquired Corus, the giant Anglo Dutch group. Steel Authority of India also known as SAIL is chosen for my dissertation as I have been following on the company’s development. While the company is large in size by Indian standards, it is still a domesticated player unlike its other rivalries like TATA Steel. Having acquired managerial knowledge in the MBA programm, I have a strong desire to explore how Steel Authority of India could achieve its competitive advantage for the future. The study investigates the competitive factors that influence on the steel industry and these include among others, the impact of government regulations, market liberalization, etc in addition to the market potential and prospects of the Steel Industry in India. The purpose of this study is to analyze the market prospects, market potential and the marketing strategies adopted by the key players in the steel industry in India.

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