Stock Market Project

Using Excel and PHStat

Provide a definition of each of the three indices included in your analysis and what is included in each index.

Construct a frequency distribution for each of the three stock indices. Provide a histogram of the frequency distributions. Provide a description of the frequency distribution.

Provide a box-plot and the five number summary. Again, provide a written description of the box-plot and five number summary.

Provide a scatter-gram and trend line for each index. Then provide a description of the scatter-gram and trend line.

Calculate the following statistics for each of the three indices:





Inter-quartile range


Standard deviation

Coefficient of Variation


Calculate the interval between the mean of each index and + or – 3 standard deviations. Interpret this interval.

Calculate the correlation coefficients (matrix) between the three indices. Interpret this result.

Summarize your results.