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Strategic Decision MakingPaper details:please I need you to create a research plan for research problem related to the decision making area, I uploaded the referencesAssignment description:Identify a topic that you are interested in researching within the subjects we addressed (I choose Strategic Decision Making) . Then, write a research plan of no more than 1,500 words excluding references and appendices covering the listed points below:Particular instructions on how to address the questionsThe assignment should reflect a combination of the group members’ interests with the intrinsic importance and feasibility of the topic as a subject of investigation. There can be several criteria of ‘intrinsic importance’. For instance: relevance of the topic for the success of an organization, relevance for national development, gaps in our current knowledge of the topic. ‘Feasibility’ refers to issues such as the ease of conducting research into the topic and securing relevant information.Point A (60%)Outline the topic chosen, the research problem, the justification and objectives/questions of the proposed research, its focus, theoretical perspectives that can inform the research.Point B (30%)Indicate method of the investigation (e.g. case study, survey), proposed means of collecting data (interview, questionnaire, documentation, observation, etc.), sampling, type of respondents, level and unit of analysis, citing relevant literature.Point C (10%)What are the practical implications of this work? In other words, how will this work help the sampled organization(s) in particular and/or the UAE in general?
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