Strategic Human Resource Management Job Analysis

Subject: Strategic Human Resource Management Job AnalysisName: Matt Ilczuk
Title: CEO
Time in office: 10-8
Level of Education: MBA

Organization: Entertainment Company
Name: Entertainment Lab
Size: Medium
Role of the organization: Represent unique talent and bring to life exceptional projects

Job Description:

Interview Questions:

What does it take to make it big in HR What skills and expertise do you need
The number one thing is to understand the mission statement of the organization and attract people that have the same values share similar vision. We welcome diversity in our workplace, everyone is expected to bring his or her point of view and everyone is valued. In return, we demand respect and best possible performance from all our employee
0. How HR can add more value to an organization
As a co-founder of the company, I am also responsible for interviewing people and other tasks associated with HR. I would not want anybody else to do this job because I feel like I have developed good sense of what type of people we need.
0. How HR drives organizational performance
By setting the right mindset and atmosphere into our workplace.
0. What are your top 7 core competencies that your company embodies in maintaining high-performing HR professionalism towards work-force
Caring about our clients as well as employees.
0. Can you tell us a difficult ER ( do you mean HR here ) issue that you have experienced recently and what was the outcome

Questions for HR
What is the company culture like We represent artists and try to give them the opportunity to fulfill their potential by sending them to castings and deliver their work to well established directors. We also produce unique movies that we believe should be given a great exposure. We believe in our employees and they are given a great amount of responsibility. They are involved in key decision making such as script coverage, what talents we represent and what project we work on.
How do you go about finding employees What resources do you use The most effective ways of finding employees was through employee referral. The most valued employees are usually the ones who believe in what we do and are fully committed into our mission statement.
Can you tell me more about your HR policies We value every single that enters our workplace. Everyone is treated with respect and we expect respect in return. Every employee is encouraged practise his or her critical thinking on every aspect Entrainment Lab is working on.
What is something that the strategic HRM is struggling with in the
Organization I think we should provide even more caring for our employees; however, entertainment business is a tough business, therefore, sometimes when certain employee show that they are not capable of critical thinking or simply do not learn from their mistakes, we simply fire them. This has brought a certain tension into the workplace.
5.    What is the company’s overall business strategy
We try to collaborate only on projects that make sense. We try to eliminate all the work that only requires time but does not provide any benefits or results. This is an ongoing process.

Questions for HR

What kind of skills does the company look for while hiring a deserving candidate Critical thinking and thinking outside the box. If we feel like you are here to simply earn an income, you will not be hired.
Is there any particular training program that all employees will have to go through All of our employees have to go through their one-on-ones with the managers. Those meetings occur bi weekly and all the employees need to improve whatever it is that they have been lacking
What type of system does the company use to determine level of abilities of a candidate We have a list of special characteristics that we look for in every candidate. Such characteristics include: growth mindset, ability to think critically, clear vision, clear goals, and where do they see the company in 10 years.
Is there a specific strategy to manage shortage/surplus All our employees are close to managers so that if an employee decides to leave the company, he or she let the managers know in advance, therefore, we have always enough time to look for new candidates.
If the turnover rate was high, what can the company do to turn in their favor Our turnover rate is very low. We only fired 10 people since the establishment of our compan. No one has been fired for the last 2 years. All the interns usually finish their term as well

The list of duties and responsibilities under which the HR manager’s job needs to be done:
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Job specification:

Describe Company Culture: (David fill in here)

How does the culture affect employees : (David fill in here)

Make a list of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other characteristics to perform the required job: (Muhammad fill in here..) David, what are the KSAO (List them and i will elaborate on them) KASO is from the lecture, and the article I sent in the text is explaining what it is a little bit. Ok! Look at chapter 4 lecture for competencies and KSAO

Overall General purpose of the company: (David fill in here)
The necessary functions:  (Muhammad fill in here) David, what are the necessary functions of your company Please read the answers.

Competencies: (Muhammad fill in here)

Qualifications and special skills required:  (Muhammad fill in here)
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Supervisor responsibilities: