Strategy for Entering Global Markets

Make several strategy decisions for your company and write a report to your management team compiling the information you gather in each of the three parts.

In this situation you work for a mid-size US company that manufactures domestically and markets [you choose the product]. The company has no international manufacturing or vendors and does not outsource.

You are to investigate the following scenarios:Using the GlobalEDGE website and other web resources, prepare a 5-6 page

report evaluating the best alternatives for the scenario below:

Part 1:

Introduce your company and the product it sells. Use a company that has not expanded internationally.  This can be a real or made up company.

Your management team is considering investing in two foreign countries and has requested a report regarding the attractiveness of alternative countries based on the potential return of FDI. Accordingly, the ranking of the top 25 countries in terms of FDI attractiveness is a crucial ingredient for your report. A colleague mentioned a potentially useful tool called the “FDI Confidence Index” which is updated periodically.

Using this index (and other information you have gathered), make a recommendation to your management team of 5 possible countries for your company to make an investment in and why.  You need to think about your product to make sure it will culturally adapt to these countries as well. To make a case for each of the five countries you will need to provide at least 1 paragraph of information on each country as it relates to FDI attractiveness and how your product will be accepted in the country.

Part 2:

Management has decided to pursue an international strategy expansion to two of your five recommended countries.

To achieve economies of scale, management is aiming toward a strategy of minimum local adaptation.

Focusing on your five countries and using the Countries section of globalEDGE (select Countries on the main menu), prepare a summary that features those aspects of the product [you chose] where standardization will simply not work and adaptation to local conditions will be essential and why.

Using this information make a final recommendation to your management team of which would be the best two countries to pursue and why.

Include in your recommendations a discussion of both the standardized approach and localized approach for your product and how these related to the two countries you decided on.

Part 3:

Due to the current global economic crisis, your management team would also like you to investigate exporting options to your two recommended countries. Since this would be a new venture for your company, you will need to research resources that provide guidance for companies that wish to expand their markets through exporting. The globalEDGE website provides information on export management companies that can handle the export process for you. You can search ‘export companies’ on the home page and come up with more than 600 possible companies.  You will need to identify companies that specialize in your product/industry or country or both.

Identify three companies and provide a brief description of the services available for new exporters through each of these companies.

Use proper APA formatting and citations as needed.

For your Written Assignment, please use GlobalEdge

Make sure you respond to all three parts of the assignment outlined above.

Assignment will be evaluated on the strategy decisions you are to make for this assignment and feedback and details for each.

Please make sure you use headings for each of the strategies.

  • Introduction to your company and what it does
  • Five Country Choices/details
  • Two Final Country Recommendations/Why
  • Details of Standardized/Localized Strategy Approach/why
  • Choice of Three Export Companies /why
  • Report Conclusion
  • Use of APA Format and References