String Theory Reading

You will read some articles on Cosmology and String Theory and answer the questions on the worksheet. Open the worksheet on String Theory, read the associated articles it mentions (loaded in this module) and answer the questions. (You may also want to watch the associated PBS special before you complete the worksheet – that will further explain the ideas about which you have read.)   Attach the worksheet to this assignment and submit. (Note that one of the readings is loaded in three different parts/pages – the files would not load for me as one.) As you read, think about the dimensions mentioned for our own universe in terms of how dimensions were explained to the beings in “Flatland”. It will be confusing simply because we humans are not able to visualize beyond three dimensions. (How is something more “up” than “up” Is there a “super-up” direction ) Although we can’t visualize it, we can think that just as the Flatland character living in 2-D realized there was a 3-D world, we might live in a seemingly 3-D world that actually has MORE dimensions. The book excerpt on string theory is by Brian Greene, who is a bit of a “rock star” in the physics world. He shows up a lot on the “Nature” channel, etc. He’s a great speaker, actually, and his books are usually geared toward non-scientists, so I’d recommend any of his books if you’re interested in reading more. Of course, Carl Sagan was a great explainer of big ideas also, so his books are always fun, but some things in them have become outdated since his death. Still, they are great reads. KHD