1. TEXTBOOK: Student development in college theory research and practice 3rd edition

    Choose 3 items of the following (A-F) from your module 2 readings (see list below).  Answer the questions listed.  Each of the items should be 1-2 pages’ double spaced.

    A)      Chapter 4
    What are the four levels of social identity?  Give examples of each.
    Why do social Identities matter in higher education and college student development?
    How would you explain the concepts of oppression and privilege to a group of undergraduate students?


    B)      Chapter 5 /6    
    Define racial identity and articulate its significance in the lives of minoritized and majoritized individuals.
    Describe the characteristics of ethnic identity development and what makes it different from but related to racial identity.
    What are some of the features of the acculturation process for minoritized ethnic group members?


    C)       Chapter 7
    What is sexual identity and why is it important in the development of college students?
    Describe the two parallel processes of the unifying model.  What determinants go into these processes.
    What programs, services, interventions or environmental cues could you employ to work with students with different sexual identities?


    D)      Chapter 8
    What is gender identity and why is it important in the development of college students?
    What are the differences among sex, gender, and sexual identities?
    Where do you see difference by gender in academic, social and co-curricular contexts at your institution?


    E)       Chapter 9
    Discuss empirically derived definitions of spirituality, belief, faith, and religion.   Compare and contrast these definitions.
    Why are spirituality and religion important in understanding student development?
    Compare and contrast Fowler and Park’s theories of faith development.


    F)        Chapter 10
    How are disabilities constructed in society?
    How can such constructions minoritize certain students and affect their holistic development?
    What are the six categories of disability identity in Johnstone’s model?  In this model, what is the difference between an identity imposed by others and one ascribed to self?
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