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Beowulf showed his leadership by using other characteristics such as his fighting skills. Above all of Beowulf’s characteristics was his loyalty to his people and his lord. Beowulf always took initiative to help his fellow Geats and Danes out. Whether he was young or old it was always important to be available to his men. At the beginning of the poem Beowulf claimed that the reason for him arriving in Denmark was to help with the defeat of Grendel. After this claim, he attributed a large amount of loyalty to his lord by heightening his lord’s fame. All of Beowulf’s characteristics were well admired by the people of his time. All Danes and Geats respected him and he successfully created himself as the bold and powerful warrior and king. His leadership and generosity helped him remain king for fifty years. His excellent fighting skills helped him defend his people and Hrothgar’s people against Cain’s clan. Beowulf was eventually buried in a funeral pyre and just like Shield Sheafson his treasures were placed upon him. Above all, Beowulf was an ideal Anglo Saxon king and he definitely embraced the ideals of his culture. You can order a high-quality custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation, speech, book report or book review from our professional custom writing service. We have employed more than 500 highly qualified Ph.D. Master’s academic writers to provide students with professional academic writing help. Feel free to contact our company right now!

Research methodology is defined as a systematic analysis or investigation into the research subject in order to discover rationale and experimental principles, facts, theories, applications & processes. According to Davies & Elder (2006), successful completion of the research highly depends on its research methodology. Research philosophy is the approach to understand and write the knowledge that is gained by conducting the research. Three types of research philosophies are used in research paper. These are positivism, interpretive and critical (Mackenzie & Knipe, 2006). Each of these philosophies represents a model that is known as paradigm for research. According to Mackenzie & Knipe (2006), positivism is the oldest and most widely used philosophy in the research papers. It is a scientific method that is based on rationale and empiric of the research (Burke, 2007). In the positivism paradigm, various concepts are used. These concepts are quantification, hypothesis and objective measures. In the positivism paradigm, researcher works with observable social reality, rationale and experiences to reach on end result of the research. According to Burke (2007), interpretive paradigm is used to understand the World of human experiences. Burke, M.E. (2007), Making Choices: Research Paradigms and Information Management, Library Review, Vol. 56, No. 6, pp. Davies, A & Elder, C. (2006), “The handbook of applied linguistics, Great Britain: Wiley-Blackwell.