Study Abroad

Statement of PurposePlease attach your typed Statement of Purpose (2 pages maximum ? 12 point type only). If you submit more than two pages only the first two pages will be reviewed. You may be creative within a standard essay format, but the essay MUST explicitly address each of the statements below. Your Statement of Purpose will be rated on the quality of your responses to the listed statements, spelling, grammar, and overall presentation.
? State your primary country of choice and your motivation for choosing this country.
– Costa Rica
? State how this particular study abroad program will support you in reaching your academic, personal, and career goals.
-This course will help me to learn about ecology, conservation, and diversity of tropical ecosystem.
– I will also learn and participate in scientific field research methods on location in a tropical country.
– investigate the interrelationship of local culture, ecotourism, and conservation.
? Indicate the challenges of studying abroad in a country with a culture different from yours.
– Describe any help or assistance you may need in meeting these challenges.
? Costa Rica applicants only: Describe what you think will be the challenges of living and working in a remote tropical environment.
? Explain how you will be an effective ambassador for school while studying abroad.
? Explain how you will promote the school Study Abroad Scholarship program when you return