study of learning

Select a topic of interest regarding the study of learning and find at least 6 academic journal articleson the topic.
Combine the information from the articles to answer these questions:

1-Purpose:Why is the topic that you chose important to study

2-Research methods:How is the topic studied

3-Results:What are the results of the research studies

4-Discussion/Conclusion:What are the future directions of the research

5-Limitations:What are the limitations of the findings and how can future research overcome them

at least 8 double-spaced pages

Do not use quotes. You must reference information within the paper and include a reference list at the end of the paper.Properly reference your selected articles using APA format



some Idead of the topics we coverd in class is operant applications ( self-awareness and self control)


vicarious learning also known as observational learning.

Prejudice , phobia and fear

conditional and unconditional reflexes

limitations of experiments animals research