Study Questions for Little Red-Riding Hood

For this story, I need for you to come up with at least 5 questions and the answers to the question.  Imagine that you were a reporter, if you could interview the main characters in the story, what questions would you ask.

Below are some sample questions:

Interview Questions for Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Didn’t your Mother tell you not to talk to strangers ?
  2. Why didn’t you listen to your Mother?
  3. What were you doing in the woods by yourself?

Interview Questions for Mother

1.Why didn’t you visit your own mother when she was sick ?

  1. Did you know there was a wolf near your house? Would you still send Little Red Riding Hood to visit Granny?

Interview Questions for Interview Questions for the Wolf

1.Why didn’t you eat Little Red Riding Hood when you first saw her?

  1. Where did you come from? Are you male or female?
  2. How did you learn to talk?

Interview Questions for Interview Questions for Granny

  1. What are you sick from?
  2. How did it feel to be in the wolf’s stomach?
  3. How old are you?