Suppose you are at a Ducks game

Suppose you are at a Ducks game. You notice that when the drummers in the band strike their drums, there is a delay between the strike and the sound it produces. The delay is short (i.e., hard to measure by stopwatch), but by recording a movie of the drummers on you phone and counting movie frames later (between strike and sound), you use your knowledge of how sound travels through air to estimate the distance between you and the band.

(a) (2 points) Suppose you measure a delay of 0.3 s between seeing the drum strike and the sound. What is the corresponding distance? Express your answer in football fields (1 football field = 100 yards). Does your answer seem reasonable?

(b) (1 point) Suppose you instead measure a 3 second (s) delay. Again, express the corresponding distance in football fields. Again, does your answer make sense?