Sustainable Strategy Management Assessment

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Methods of Sustainable Practices

Most companies are accustomed to first setting their goals, performance indicators and metrics; then they will then apply those actions to sustainability.  Having sustainability indicators will show the company where you need to base your work on the specific areas of sustainability and will help to measure your performance and improvement.  They can help you to identify and prioritize your sustainability activities.  Deciding what you are going to target will help you to develop your procedures for measuring and reporting and environmental management (“MSA”, 2017).

There can be times where what you measured might be more of an indicator of your performance then being an exact measure. For example, that happens in social sustainability areas.  Whereas environmental damage can easily show up on how your business impacts the community and those within. Because of this, it makes more sense to choose indicators that work best for what you are looking at achieving.

When organizations are deciding on which indicators to use for their sustainability strategies and activities they need to keep in mind the SMART Plan. Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. This will help to think about how to measure them (“MSA”, 2017). Some examples of some sustainability indicators are:


  • Resource consumptions rates
  • Quality of air, soil and water
  • Embedded or embodied carbon



  • Rate of complaints and how they have been addressed
  • Employee turnover rates and costs
  • Number of safety incidents and environmental accidents with an impact on the community or workers.


Economic :

  • Value stream/customer value
  • Productivity
  • Waste
  • Bottom line – single or triple

(“Msa”, 2017)

Challenges to Sustainable Policy Implementation

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Strategies for Developing a Culture of Sustainability

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Analyzing Roles in Managing Proposed Environmental changes

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Combining Leadership and Communication Strategies

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