Assignment Help: Pricing Strategy

Price is one the elements of the marketing mix that generates revenue, while the other elements generate costs. It is one of the easiest elements to adjust. It takes a lot of time and money to adjust the other elements like product features, channels and even promotion. Traditionally, the price of a product was a […]

Get A Vehicle History Report When Buying Used Cars

When purchasing a car, many people hesitate to buy brand new vehicles as costs tend to be very high. Along with this, whenever a vehicle is taken off the lot, value can instantly depreciate between 10-15%, and another 20% after the first year of ownership. Buying used cars is a great way to save money, […]

Critical Evaluation Market Based And Resource Based View Of Strategy

In our previous posts, we discussed about strategy market based and research based view of strategy. Basically, Market based strategic view concerns the position of a company in the industry and emphasizes over the strategy of the company by strongly focusing over the environment in which company operates. In market based view of strategy is […]