Teaching Presentation

Teaching PresentationRequirements:

Choose a relevant, recent, scholarly article that pertains to a client at your agency
• Create a two page summary/synopsis of the article directed at the client/family/staff/peers.
• Staple it to the front of the article.

Needs to be concise, organized, and developmentally appropriate for the audience of choice.
You will need to demonstrate/explain to your peers:
• What the article is about
• How you made sure the synopsis of the article was at an appropriate reading level (check this out!) for the ‘uptake’ of the information for your chosen audience.
• Pass it around so your peers can take a look at the ‘level’ and give you feedback.
• Leave one copy in the binder at your agency for staff to access for future use
• Leave one copy with your faculty for evaluation purposes.

The writer will create a two page summary of the article. Please note that you’re to send the article to me so that I can print and submit to my faculty for evaluation purposes. The writer should determine the appropriate reading level this assignment will be. The client is a fifteen year old girl with down syndrome. The assignment can be at an Adolescent or school age children level, the writer should check this up and put the assignment at the appropriate level it should be. Thanks.