Term Analysis

Term Analysis
You may select either select Animal Farm (1946 Orwell)
http://www.george-orwell.org/Animal_Farm/index.html or “1984” (1950, Orwell)
http://www.george-orwell.org/1984/index.html for your book analysis report, and download each of the novels from the websites. An analysis is NOT a summary of the book. THIS IS NOT A BOOK REPORT.

• Begin by making eleven (11) index cards with each of the ten terms and paradigm.
• List each term numbered in order on a card and Paradigm on the last card.
• Define each term (located in your glossary at the end of your textbook).
• As you read the book, list 3 examples on the card of what happens, to explain the sociological aspect and application of the ten terms, (and the page number for your reference).
• The final paragraph is the paradigm you selected from the first three terms. (Keep these in order).
• Then when you write the paper you’ll have the information down and won’t have to go back to the book to find it.
• Be sure to follow the writing guidelines in this syllabus.
• Save it as doc or docx file types.
The term used for your analysis must be underlined and boldfaced as a subheading for each of the 10 paragraphs using only 1 term in each paragraph. Be sure you use concepts as they are defined in your text (glossary), for example: sex refers to the biological distinction in reproductive differences between male and female; it does not mean sexual intercourse.

Discuss the message of the novel, not Orwell’s background. The paragraph will explain the term from the textbook and then how it applies in the book you read, citing three to four examples for each term.

Discuss the final paragraph in which your analysis must also explain which paradigm (structural functionalism, social conflict and symbolic interaction) you think explains the story and why the others do not.

1. Structural Functionalism
2. Social Conflict
3. Symbolic Interaction
4. Culture
5. Society
6. Socialization
7. Conformity
8. Deviance
9. Social Control
10. Inequality

11. Paradigm
(Point-of-view from one
of the first three terms)

Each paragraph will count up to 8.5 points and the paradigm paragraph (from the first three terms) should be twice as long and will count up to 15 points, for up to 100 points total, as 20% of your final grade.