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Term Paper
The term paper counts as the single biggest contributor to your overall grade, and as such it should be representative of your best work. Your term paper should be approximately 2500-3000 words long (excluding bibliographic material).
Term papers will be evaluated roughly according to the following scheme:
Writing Mechanics: Approximately 1/3 of term paper grade. Writing mechanics refer to everything from grammar and punctuation, to overall structure of the paper (e.g. does one point follow from another?), to proper use of references and citation methods. It may be a good idea to read your paper aloud before handing it in since this can help you catch odd-sounding constructions that may otherwise slip by unnoticed.
Style and Originality: Approximately 1/3 of term paper grade (though maybe slightly less). The best term papers bring an original perspective to the material under consideration. You may examine something that had previously received little notice, or you may offer an original reading of particular texts (taking care to make sure that you are not “torturing the texts” in order to get to your “original” conclusions). Please note that writing a term paper that is highly creative and original usually means putting a great deal of thought into the project prior to handing in a proposal.
Quality of Analysis and Synthesis: Approximately 1/3 of term paper grade (and maybe slightly more). This category refers to your ability to analyze the concepts in the course, and to synthesize the ideas discussed in the assigned readings and course discussions into a coherent conceptual framework. At a minimum, quality of analysis and synthesis refers to the need for logical, coherent arguments in your paper.
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