Texas should continue its policies of low taxes, low spending and little to no social assistance Argumentative essay

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is a goldmine for competing ideologies! In some cases it seems to condemn the conservative policies (Texas
ranks dead last in many education and healthcare categories) and in others it seems to give support to
conservative ideology (low taxes and low government spending). The U.S. Constitution exhorts the people to
promote the general welfare. Do the policies of the state of Texas promote the general welfare Does society
have an obligation to help the less fortunate As individuals are we morally compelled to assist the less
Pick a side; should Texas continue its policies of low taxes, low spending and little to no social assistance, or is
it societies, and government s job to step up and help the less fortunate even though it would mean higher taxes.
What might be the positives and negatives of either decision Support your arguments with FACTS!
Essay must be submitted as a Word document through the Essay on the course website. Your essay must be a
minimum of 1000 words. The following rubric will be used to assess your essay:
Rubric For Essay
synthesize individual argument components into a meaningful, coherent whole.
produce an essay for the intended audience and medium including word choice, tone, and sentence length and
produce an essay with organized ideas, logical flow, transitions, and appropriate format.
develop the idea or content with relevant research, reasoning, evidence and detail.
use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
cite all sources properly.