The 4 Very Important Things Your Articles Must Have

Articles played a very important role in the home-based online businesses, Internet-based companies and Online Entrepreneurs. Submitting articles to different and top ranked directories is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a Website. A highly traffic site also has the highest possibility of increasing sales and profits. It dictates the success and failure of a site, thus more and more entrepreneurs and companies used article marketing strategy. But before you use this strategy you must know first the four very important tips your article must have and composed of:

1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases. The articles must be composed of keywords and keyword phrases. These are very important to visitors who do researching and also looking for specific information. A researcher always type in search engines a keyword or a phrase of what they are looking for. And make note that the keywords and keyword phrases on your site must be relevant to the content of your Website and product if you are a seller.

2. Keyword Density. This is very important and must be observe thoroughly because there are directories require specific percentage of the keyword. Therefore, before submitting your articles to any directories, you need to check the density of your keyword and it needs to be accurate. Keyword density is equal to the keyword or keyword phrase count used in the article. It also varies on the total number of words used in the entire article. The effectiveness of the keyword in an article must be not too high or too low.

3. Good Article Content. The content of your article is the most important of all. It needs to be informative and very useful to readers. An article that can be used as reference or as a good reading material. It must be entertaining and must capture the interest of the readers to keep reading, come back and recommend to others.

4. Linking Articles. This is the most important thing to remember, to have a link back to your site. For example, you are submitting  articles  to E-zine; the resource box is the portion where you can  write  a brief summary and a link to your Website.

Articles are known to one of the driving force to drive traffic to a website. It is one of the factors providing traffic and high rankings to a Website. The ranking and the traffic of a site is directly proportional to each other, meaning the higher the ranking the higher traffic to the site. And a huge number of traffic flow in a site, the more possibility of bigger profits and more sales.

Generating a good traffic to a Website is a good strategy in achieving massive sales and profits. But, do not forget that it is not only about stuffing a Website with articles because articles have its own specific requirements as well. The requirements must be met in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the articles for a site. A well  written   article , free from plagiarism and can capture the eyes and interest of the readers as well as the customers is vital to keep them coming back for more. And importantly the articles must be good enough that the readers and customers will be able to recommend the site to others.