The computer keeps data and programs in storage. There are two kinds of storage. What is the main difference between them?

The computer keeps data and programs in storage. There are two kinds of storage. What is the main difference between them
3 Marks
Learning Outcome(s):
Ch. (1)
Lean about the structure of a simple program

Question Two
When you call a method you need to specify three items. Mention them with an example.

7 Marks
Learning Outcome(s):
Ch. (2)
Learn about variables

Question Three
What is wrong with the following variable declarations If wrong, explain. If correct (nothing wrong), write “correct”.
double 1st_var = 10;
int var2;
int var3 = var2;
string name = ”var3”;
double out-put = 5
double x, y;
int import= 100;
6 Marks
Learning Outcome(s):
Ch. (2)
Learn about parameters and return values

Question Four
Find/Fix errors in the following code:
public new MoveTester
public static main(String[ ] args);
rectangle box = new rectangle(5, 10, 20, 30);

box1.translate(15, 25);

System.out.print(“x: “)
System.out.println(“Expected: 20”);

System.out.print(“y: “);
System.ou.println(“Expected: 35″);

9 Marks
Learning Outcome(s):
Ch. (3).

Understand classes and objects

Question Five
Consider class AB:

What is the output of each of the following cases:
a- BA ba1 = new BA();
System.out.println( ba1.getN());
b – BA ba1 = new BA(2,20,”ABC”);
System.out.println( ba1.getN());

c- BA ba1 = new BA(2,20,”ABC”);
System.out.println(“Name: ” + ba1.getN());
System.out.println(“Amount: ” + ba1.getA());
//System.out.println(“Name: ” + ba1.getN());

AlZalabani, A., & Modi, R. S. (2014). Impact of Human Resources Management Practice and Perceived Organizational Support on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Yanbu Industrial City,
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