The Crucible Movie

The Crucible Movie2. here is a link of the movie:
The Crucible Video Questions
accicrtgtils. Answer the followmg questions With complete sentences. Be sure you are thorough and
flcl’re’g {Dill-fiducérl: of the ngovie, unlilte the play. decided to show you the girls and Tituba dancing in
aboutit goflvligs itttiiignhfe. What might the writers gain by including this scene, instead of just hear
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2) Descaibe the village as presented in the movie. How is it similar to or different from what you
3) What is your perception of Mr. and Mrs. Putnam so far, and why would the director show them in
their buggy What is their attitude toward the less fortunate
4) Why have the producers decided to give Dr. Griggs a chance to speak lines and interact with the
other characters What do they gain from this decision
5) Describe Abby’s interaction with John behind the house. (Pay attention to how this changes later in
the play).

i . – – ‘ ’ ‘ t th threats in the play
6) Was the actual whipplng of Tituba in the mowe more effective than JUS e
version Why 01’ why nOt