?The Death of Ivan Ilyich?

Complete both of the question separately, follow the rubric 1. The Death of Ivan Ilyich Essay Brief Overview: The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a 19th Century Russian story written by Leo Tolstoy about a carefree simple man who lives live according to society s ideals, and rises up to become a highly regarded official of the Court of Justice. He develops an unusual but terminal disease, which brings him to introspect whether he has indeed lived a righteous and good life, and tries to find the true meaning of life. In his last few days he truly realizes the meaning of life, learns how to combat his fear of death, and forgives his family for not showing him enough compassion. Assignment Des r ption: Write a short reflective essay in which you think about the life you have led so far and whether it is righteous or not, according to you. You can talk about your entire life in general, or describe one or more specific incidents or situations to substantiate your reasoning. Guidelines: 1. The main goal of this assignment is self-analysis: to define what is right, what is wrong and where you place yourself in this subjective scale. 2. Think clearly. Your essay should reflect your personal opinion in this matter, and not someone else s. 3. Spend at least 1 hour in self-reflection, before you start writing the essay. Assignment Requirements: This essay should be no less than 600 words and should follow All Assignments must be written in 12 pt, Times New Roman font, and have 1.15 spacing with 1 margins. 2. Faculty Letter of Apology Assignment Des r ption: Write a formal note of apology to your Faculty Member describing the incident that happened, how you are apologetic for what happened, what you have learned from the Ethics Seminar, and explaining what steps you will take in the future to prevent this from happening again. Assignment Requirements: This assignment must be at least 400 words and should follow the General Assignment Guidelines. You are welcome to go above that if you would like but it MUST be at least 400 words. Make sure your letter is your own original work, do NOT copy any formatted letters from the Internet. the incident : did not realized policy.misused school computer and information during the work time.