the European Comission

This is the case that you need to give policy solutions:
“Assume that Brazil, an emerging large economy, shocked the trade world by unexpected decision of
terminating her membership in the WTO by the end of 2016. The EU Delegation in Brazil informed the
European Commission that one of the potential industries in Brazil is aircraft manufacturing, and they have huge
influence on the Government decisions. As a second largest aircraft producer Airbus is worried about potential
support of the Government of Brazil to domestic aircraft industry.
Since Brazil will not be under the WTO umbrella, upon the Airbus request, assume that the European
Commission asked you to analyze the expected trends and provide your policy evaluation and recommendations
to address the Airbus concerns.”
One policy solution has already given by myself, so please make sure the solution that you will give is not the
same with this:
“To order EU members or Brazil’s aircraft importers to impose tariff sanctions on Brazil.”