The evolution of Hollywood’s representation of male protagonists from 1960 to today
The evolution should be shown by first analyzing the main character from the following movies (one from each decade):

Clyde from Bonnie and Clyde, Michael Corleone from the Godfather, Rambo from any of the Rambo films, Ed Norton and Brad Pitt’s characters from Fight Club, and Batman/Bruce Wayne from the any of Christian Bale’s representations of Batman. The analysis should include everything from physicality, to moral standing, to mental and emotional representation.

These can be contrived directly from the character and his actions, and/or from narrative or stylistic elements. After analysis of specific characters, the analysis should then turn to how these representations have changes from the 60s, or how things that have stayed the same. The general thesis about the evolution is that the male hero has become stronger, faster, smarter, more endowed, and more technologically advanced while becoming less and less glorified.

(Going from Clyde being impotent and a celebrity in the eyes of the public to Batman being superhuman and an outcast). Its fine to add a dissenting paragraph/section, but only to highlight the general thesis. The sources should be comprised of 2 primary sources and 3 secondary sources.
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