The Importance of Employees Feedback

The Importance of Employees Feedback
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This assignment (Detailed Outline of a Research Paper) aims to teach you the necessary components and steps in preparing and writing up a research or scholarly paper in proper APA format. The final product for this assignment will be a detailed outline of a research paper, not an actual research paper.
Format for Detailed Outline of Research Paper Proposal
– Title/Cover Page
– Abstract
– Introduction/Background
– Problem Statement (What problem/issue are you attacking )
– Purpose of the Research (as it relates to the problem; Are you offering suggestions to solve the problem )
– Significance of the Research (Why is this research important How will it help )
– Literature Review (the Research)
– Discussion/Implications (So what does all this research mean What does it imply )
– Summary/Conclusion (How your research proposal resolves or positively impacts the problem) (How have you advanced knowledge )
– Reference Page