The Industrial Boiler MACT Rule to Affect Pulp and Paper Engineering Facilities

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working on a rule that will tighten up emission requirements for boilers at pulp and  paper , wood products, biomass power, and other similar facilities. The rule, known as the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule, is currently receiving lots of attention from many interested parties. These include Congress, the DC District Court, and the EPA itself. So while it’s safe to say that big changes are looming on the horizon, it’s difficult to nail them down due to the mixed feelings on the political landscape.

What the pulp and  paper  engineering and similar industries can be sure of

As noted above, the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule is still in the process of being ironed out. So while it’s difficult to know exactly what it will entail, one can be sure of the following:

• The rule is on its way-Whatever it ends up stating, the rule is definitely on its way down the pipes. That said, wood engineering facilities, as well as a host of others, will be forced to comply with new standards by February 2014.

• It will affect hundreds of thousands of facilities-Whether boilers are for pulp and  paper , biomass power production, or wood products-they will all need to comply. That means up to 200,000 facilities will be affected. How do you know if you’ll be affected? Well, if your facilities utilize boilers or process heaters of almost any kind or size, you’ll likely have to install some sort of new pollution control equipment.

• Demand for engineering and related services will skyrocket-As the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule gets closer, companies will grow frantic to meet the changing requirements. As a result, the demand for pollution control equipment and engineering will go through the roof, likely causing a shortage of supply of these resources.

Who can help you if you fall under this umbrella

Engineering companies exist who focus on helping with pulp and  paper , s wood products, and biomass power production. These companies will serve as a go-to resource in the coming months as more details become available on the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule. They will be able to help with designing, engineering, procuring and developing installation drawings for newly required pollution control equipment. There will also be engineering work for updating existing facilities that an engineering company can handle.

The best time to contact a company that specializes in pulp and  paper  engineering is right now

The worst thing you can do is wait until everyone else is trying to contact engineering companies for help. If you are in the pulp and  paper  field, you need to find a pulp and  paper  engineering company now. Look for a service provider that has ample experience assisting people in your industry. They will know all the latest information in respect to the industrial Boiler MACT Rule, and know how to decide exactly what you need to do in order to meet the new standards. They’ll design and oversee installation and implementation of whatever system you need-whether it has to do with pulp and  paper , wood products, biomass power production, or anything similar.