The Link Between juveniles and drug crimes

I. The Background
a. Juvenile crimes that are related to drug crimes
b. Do you think the economic conditions have an effect on them?
c. What is the nature of the parents have an influence on the young adults that make them a criminal?
II. The family breakdown
a. Single parent family households
b. No emotional attachment among the parents and children
c. Lack of discipline in the household
III. Loose laws
a. Laws regarding guns, drugs, and selling of the addictive or alcoholic substance that can lead the young adult to get involved with crimes
IV. Remedies for rehabilitation/preventative methods
a. Stricter laws
b. Counseling
c. Good parenting
d. Rehabilitation
V. Juvenile Courts
a. How effective is juvenile court?
b. How effective are the punishments they give out to the juveniles?
VI. Drug Courts
a. Are there different laws for juveniles and adult offenders?

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