The Miser and A Midsummer’s Night Playwrights

The Miser and A Midsummer’s Night PlaywrightsFINAL ESSAY
Write a comparing and contrasting essay. Please compose an essay in which you compare The Miser and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in order to determine which playwright, Moliere or Shakespeare, is the better writer of comedies basing your judgment on these two comedies only. Your purpose for comparing the two plays and for noting similarities and/or differences between them should be to support your judgment about whether Moliere or Shakespeare is the better writer of comedies. Be sure that you do not merely note how the two are different or similar for no other reason than to note that they are different or similar. Simply noting differences and/or similarities prompts the question “So what ” Your essay has to be a response to the “so what” and offer a judgment about who is better, Moliere or Shakespeare. Title. Create an effective title for your essay.
Introduction and Thesis Statement. Be sure to gain your readers’ attention with the very first sentence of your introduction. Craft a “good closed-form introductions.” The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement. Be sure that your thesis statement includes “the main idea and whether you intend to discuss the commonalities, differences, or both.” Be sure your purpose for writing is explicitly stated as well. Craft a thesis statement that has tension and contains a “surprising reversal.” For this assignment, the tension should arise because, once again, you are “gripped with a problem.” “Someone gives you a question that you can’t yet answer.” I’m asking each of you, “Which playwright is better at writing comedies, Moliere or Shakespeare, based on the comedies The Miser or A Midsummer Night’s Dream ” Let your final judgment about these two playwrights dictate how the tension is generated in your thesis. For instance, if you conclude that Moliere is better, then you’ll probably write something like the following in your thesis, “Although Shakespeare may seem to have the edge as a writer of comedy, a close inspection of Moliere’s work . . .” On the other hand, if you conclude that Shakespeare is better, you’ll probably write just the opposite: “Although it may seem as if Moliere has the edge as a writer of comedies, a close inspection of Shakespeare’s work . . .” You can, of course, conclude that they are equally successful; in that case, you’ll need to create tension by saying something like, “Although it may seem that (one or the other) has the edge as a writer of comedy, in fact, an honest comparison reveals that they are equally successful.”
Body. . Since your essay does NOT have an informational purpose, please be sure to use the point-by-point organizational plan. As usual, you should include “compelling, concrete examples” and “specific, vivid details,”. These examples and details should come only from The Miser and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Use topic sentences for your paragraphs and appropriate transitions and signposts.
Conclusion. Bring your comparing and contrasting essay to a close using. Be sure that you do not do anything so predictable as merely summarizing the main points of your essay. You will be expected to demonstrate more and more control of punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and style. For this third essay, please write as correctly as you can, making sure you avoid errors with semicolons, commas, apostrophes, diction, tone, spelling, subject-verb agreement, pronoun reference, maintaining a consistent point of view, and/or complete sentence construction.
Length: 750-1000 words

Format Instructions for All Papers: 1. Write in 12 point size font using any style of font that is easy to read (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana) 2. Place this information in the Upper Left Corner of p. 1. Your Name EN 101: Your section number (e.g., C333) Date 3. Double space and center the title of your essay. Do not title your essay Week _ Writing Assignment. Compose a title for your essay using one of the strategies on page 72 of C&C. Double space your entire essay (do not add additional spaces between paragraphs). 4. Use 1 ¼-inch margins on the left and right and 1-inch margins at the top and bottom.