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On the early morning of the 1st of January the celebration is kicked off by twenty one (21) gun salute (canon shoots). As this festival is one of the traditional practice in Ezinihitte that has been given Christian outlook, religious services were held in all churches in the clan to command the day into the of God. “Ekpe” dance presides over before the “Ikoro” (community drum) plays to summon the arrival of guest and dignitaries. The “Ekpe” dance has been accepted by Ezinihitte development association as the official traditional dance for the presentation and reception of Oji during the ceremony. As the tempo of the festival increases, songs, ekpe and address will be presented sequentially. The celebration is marked by a carnival of traditional rulers, Chiefs, Nzes, Ozos and other titled men adorned with colourful masquerades and dancing groups. The main feature of the feature remains according to G.N Onukogu “The presentation of kola nuts and Nzu, which symbolizes peace, love and unity.

Oji is a symbol of our common destiny and the togetherness of all Ezinihitte. It is brotherly love and harmony. It is coexistence and cooperation”. He went further to say “Nzu represents peace, goodwill and security for member towns”. Oji (kola nut) and Nzu or Ufara (calcinter) are now presented in order ofrelationship its presentation is by order of primogeniture (starting from the eldest community to the youngest). The procedure for receiving kola nut (Oji) is that the number of persons to receive kola nut (Oji) on behalf of each town will be the number of the component villages which makeup the town. After the presentation, short speech follows to thank everybody who took part then tradition dances will played one after the other and inspected by the “Ndi Eze”. Entertainment takes the other of the day and this ends the festival. Umuhu, Ibeku and Lagwa who forms Okwuato have been carved out of Ezinihitte by the creation of Ezinihitte local government, they still take part but they don’t host the festival.