The Positive Effects of Growing up in a One Parent Family

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Topic: The Positive Effects of Growing up in a One Parent Family
Style: MLA
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MLA Format. This order is for Introduction only for the same topic.
Topic: The Positive Effects of Growing Up in a One-Parent Family. Please be thorough when doing this introduction. Do it right. Introduce what are we going to write about. Make sure to put the Thesis Statement and list the 3 positive effects. This should be consistent with the previous orders. Why did we choose this topic and why single family has become a trend and why. What are the issues and causes for a single parent family. The reason why i chose this topic is because i myself comes from a single parent family and i am who i am today because of my mom. You need to also use the upload templates. Please use the template in a right way. Underline the sentences that you will use this template to structure. Use those words in the template index on sentences and uderline them. I understand that you know what is meant by Introduction and how to write one. Must be convincing and inviting. Makes the reader wants to read more about this report.